Our mission is to support and strengthen the educational experience of all BHS students.


With the return to in-person learning, the Berkeley High School Development Group is committed to helping our schools provide a rigorous, supportive, and engaging academic experience for all students.

Our ability to fund essential programs, materials, and training depends on your donations.

Your generous contributions will go towards direct student assistance, technology, curriculum materials, professional development, social-emotional resources, and so much more! 

We appreciate those of you who have already donated this year, and hope that you will be able to make an additional contribution. For those of you who have not yet had a chance, now is the perfect opportunity.

Teacher Testimonials

David An – College Counselor

“The generous funds of the BHSDG have given me the confidence and the support to pursue initiatives in serving our first generation seniors applying to college …”

Hasmig Minassian – Universal 9th Grade, Teacher Leader.

“One of the ways that the BHSDG supports our 9th grade program is by funding for guest speakers … and enhance the education students have in the classroom …”

“The BHSDG is fantastic for teachers because it is incredibly user friendly … they work to make the process easy for teachers and allow the resources to flow directly where they belong. …”

The generosity of donors like you allowed us to start the year by funding a number of programs including:

• Equity-focused and anti-racist teacher professional development;
• Free after-school tutoring staffed by classroom teachers;
• Online technology subscriptions and training;
• Direct student assistance with college application fees, standardized testing fees, and First Step Awards
• Classroom supplies grants for every teacher to ensure that they have the materials they need for in-person learning.

With your donations, we can continue to fill the needs identified by teachers, staff, and students.



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