BHS community members including students, teachers and administrators, may apply for funds if they can demonstrate need and provide administrative and departmental support for the project. We review grant applications at our monthly meeting and usually notify applicants within 72 hours of the meeting. Most grants are for less than $3,500.

Before submitting a grant proposal to the Development Group, check with your department chair, lead teacher, or administrator about the availability of departmental or program funds.

Classroom Supplies Mini-Grants

Thanks to our generous donors, the BHSDG is pleased to offer every classroom teacher a Classroom Supplies Mini-Grant of $300 for classroom needs. All BHS, Independent Study (High School only) and B-Tech teachers may apply. Get the Classroom Mini-Grants application.

Application Process

1) Apply Online

  • Read through FAQ’s (below)
  • Complete the On-Line Grant Application (Please note, we do not fund food.)
  • You will be able to upload an itemized budget and/or any additional documents to support your funding request.
  • BHSDG may request a presentation for larger proposals.

2) Receive Funds

After your grant has been approved at the monthly board meeting, complete the Check Request Form and submit the form and backup paperwork to BHSDG in an envelope, via the Development Group box in the BHS mailroom or by mailing to: Berkeley High School Development Group, Attn: Check Requests, P.O. Box 519, Berkeley, CA 94701-0519. Check requests can take up to 2-4 weeks to process. The BHSDG will not reimburse expenditures made prior to grant approval and notification. Questions? Contact

3) Acknowledge BHSDG

We request that grantees acknowledge BHSDG’s support whenever possible. Please label all equipment purchased or printed material with: Funded by BHSDG

4) Create Grant Report

Grant Reports are required by the end of the project or school year, and are necessary in order to be eligible for future funding. Complete a Grant Report Form. Please provide project documentation, including photos, student quotes, and statistics, and send to


Any BHS, B-Tech Academy, or Berkeley Independent Study teacher, student, staff member, or project leader may apply. Proposals involving nonprofit organizations must include project and organizational budgets (income and expense), most recent year-end financial statements, and a board roster.
BHSDG grants funds for a wide range of projects, including equipment and software, tutors and project coordinators, library books, theater and art projects, resource centers, school-wide guides and directories, and more. BHSDG does not fund grants for food, alcohol, or parties. See “Grants Funded 2017-18” in sidebar at right.
The BHSDG Board reviews proposals at monthly meetings. Criteria include: number of students served, equity, funds available, alternative sources of funding, project sustainability, and departmental or small school plan. We require detailed security plans for equipment purchases.
Most grants are for under $3,500. Requests for over $3,500 may require additional review by BHSDG.
Proposals are due by the 15th of each month, September thru May; they will be considered at the following month’s BHSDG meeting.
Applicants are generally notified via email within 48-72 hours of the Board meeting at which the grant is considered. The Board occasionally reviews a grant proposal over multiple meetings. To check the status of your application, email
Complete the Check Request Form and submit the form and original receipts/invoices to BHSDG in an envelope, via the Development Group box in the BHS mailroom or by mailing to: Berkeley High School Development Group, Attn: Check Requests, P.O. Box 519, Berkeley, CA 94701-0519. If you are being reimbursed for an online order, please make sure to include the final invoice that includes payment and shows the item(s) shipped.
All independent contractors (non-BUSD employees, ie. graders, guest speakers, etc.) must submit IRS W-9 forms along with their invoice. We must pay contractors directly and will not reimburse personal payments to contractors.
Grant funds must be spent before the end of the school year for which the grant is made unless an extension is requested and approved; no funds roll over for use during the following school year. Unspent funds return to the BHSDG general fund.
Yes. BHSDG seeks to distribute funds equitably and to provide the most benefit to the largest number of students. Some departments and teachers have received multiple grants in a single year, and we have funded some projects for successive years. Once a BHSDG-funded pilot program is successfully established, we expect the program to seek institutional funding.