Grant Hightlights

BHSDG funds a variety of grants, large and small, to individuals and groups throughout the school community.  They support anything from curriculum to clubs and much more. Classroom Supplies Mini-Grant of $300 are available to all BHS, Independent Study (High School) and B-Tech teachers..

Grants Funded 2018-2019

College & Career $52,191

Student College Fees (application & testing fees) for Students in Need

First Step Scholarship Award for Students in Need


Enrichment & Student Support $137,351

BTA PTSA Membership fees to pay to the Berkeley PTA Council

Striving for Zero Waste – Education plus Recycle & Green Bins

Spring Carnival: Bay to Bay Jumpers, Ultimate Game Truck, Little Explorers Petting Zoo

Parent Resource Center Support

Volunteer Coordinator Support

SPED Intern Stipends & Materials

SDAIE: Bart tickets for 20 students for Field Trips

Field Trip to Berkeley Rep for African Amer Studies students-“Detroit ’67”

Field Trip to Mission Dolores & Murals in SF for Chicano Latino Lit & History Classes

Music Performers to celebrate 50th Anniversary of African Amer Studies

Civil Rights Mvmt Veterans Presentation for African Amer & Chicano Studies; 6 classes

Fostering Green Dot; 200 T-shirts

CTE: 1 student public and community health internship

Half Moon Bay horseback riding field trip: pay for the bus

Robotics team materials to build robot for competition

Music equip & software for BHS Music Production Club

Read Naturally for Spec Ed classes; headphones

LEAP Class Field Trip; Bus cost for U9 students to Cal State East Bay

Field Trip to Destiny Arts for U9 Leap Students

African American Studies; Storyteller for assembly

Multilingual program retreat to UC Santa Cruz; bus and substitute teachers.

Rhythmic Mind; African American Studies – 2 therapists

Carrie the Musical; Spring musical fee for musical director

VAPA grant from last FY 2017-18 paid late

Oakland Museum trip for AHA Juniors.

BTA Chess Enrichment for Math Students

BIS Yearbooks; printing charges

Yearbooks for homeless students

Multilingual Program Graduation – sashes & custodial fees

OCI On Campus Intervention Support

McKinney Vento (Homeless) Support

Director of Student Activities Support

Counseling Office Support

Universal 9th Grade Support

Substance Abuse Program for U9

After School Tutoring: Classroom teachers

Student Planner/Organizer


Professional Development & Teacher Support $65,326

Classroom Supplies Grant

Science Dept Support

Math Dept Professional Development Day

Air Pollution Lab Kits & Refills for AP Environmental Science

BIS Garden Renovation and Tool Replacement

SPED Scholastic Magazines

Library Support

National Council of Social Sciences Conference for 1 teacher

Grader for AP Chem:  hire 1-2 CalTeach students to grade tests for 6 periods

Monday Rhythm Sectional Leader for BHS Jazz; 5 sections for 29 Mondays

Math Teacher Regional Conference; funding for 7 teachers

World Language Proficiency Based Learning Conference – 1 teacher

Grader for AP Environmental Sciences; Mulholland-Beahrs

Cera Conference for Intervention for 1 counselor

Eco-farm Conference PD for 1 Ind Study/BTA teacher

Art Dept PD to SF MOMA – 18 Staff Members museum entrance fee

CA Language Teachers Assoc Conference

NCTM Annual (math) Conference for 1 teacher

Berkeley Certified Educator PD to fund 2 meetings

ELD & ALD Curriculum Development

Principal’s Office Support


Technology & Equipment $53,153

92 ChromeBook Computers and 1 Cart

AP Chem: 220 Kindle Fires for 6 sections

Re-automate the Autoclave

CAS Video Display; co-grant with BPSF

Yearbook Team: Cameras & Yearbooks

CAS Display Case

Brain Pop: online resource with video, quizzes, vocab, etc.

Read Naturally for Special Ed; licenses for online reading fluency

Special Ed Classroom Projector

Registrar’s Office Support: new printer


Selected Grant Recipients

Read more detail about selected Grant Recipients:

The Berkeley High After School Tutoring Program

The Berkeley High African American Studies Department

The Berkeley High Math Department

The Berkeley High Multilingual Program