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PROFESSOR JENNIFER DOUDNA talks with BHS Biology Teacher  Glenn Wolkenfeld

Topics include:
– CRISPR gene editing and COVID-19
– Ethics of gene editing
– Women in STEM

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Jennifer Doudna

Jennifer is co-discoverer of the breakthrough CRISPR-cas9 gene-editing method, as well as a leader in the ethical applications of gene editing and co-founder of CRISPER-focused organizations including Caribou Biosciences, CRISPR Therapeutics, and the Innovative Genomics Institute. She was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with her co-discoverer, Emmanuelle Charpentier. She is also a U.C. Berkeley Professor of Biochemistry and a BHS parent.

Glenn Wolkenfeld

Glenn is a veteran Berkeley High School teacher of A.P. Biology and has served as the Science Department Co-Chair. He has created an interactive A.P. Biology course available to biology teachers nationwide called Science Music Videos.

This online conversation came about because of the Covid-19 shutdown canceled our annual Partners lunch and we are very grateful to Jennifer and Glenn for making time to make this happen.

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